Your Child's First Fishing Trip, Lake Tahoe Style!

Your Child's First Fishing Trip, Lake Tahoe Style

Not many memories come close to that of your first fishing trip! You probably still remember it fondly: the sights, the sounds, the smells and the pure exhilaration of catching your very first fish. Now, what may seem like a lifetime later, it is time to introduce your own kids to fishing and where better to take them than to the extraordinary Lake Tahoe.

Nestling in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and straddling the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is known for its beautiful beaches and magnificent ski resorts and makes for the perfect destination for a fishing trip for the whole family.

Why Lake Tahoe?

Apart from its breathtaking beauty and ease of access Lake Tahoe has something on offer for the whole family including two fishing spots dedicated to specifically younger fishermen (and ladies):

Sawmill Pond is an outstanding spot for kids to learn how to fish. Located near South Lake Tahoe, this family-friendly environment caters for children 15 years and younger. Older siblings and parents are welcome to help but the fishing is reserved for the young ones.

Another child-friendly gem in the Lake Tahoe area is the family owned-and-operated Tahoe Trout Farm that offers two well-circulated dams stocked with rainbow trout just waiting to bite. Bait and tackle is supplied at no extra cost but you are welcome to bring your own. No license is required and there is no limit - you only pay for what you catch (they will even clean the fish and pack them on ice for the journey back home)

Teach Conservation Well

Both Sawmill Pond and the Tahoe Trout Farm are ideal settings to teach your children how to fish. When you introduce your children to fishing, it is important for them to understand the entirety of the occasion. Besides catching fish and staying safe while having fun they need to appreciate the significance of conservation. An example of this is that while it is absolutely fine to catch fish for the table occasionally, recreational fishermen should practice catch-and-release fishing. Most children will be only too happy to protect the fish and send them back to their ‘fishy families’ in the pond.

Lessons In Protecting The Environment

Be sure to teach your children the importance of cleaning up after themselves and restate the negative effects that littering has on the environment. Old lures, bait cups and bundles of line can all threaten the wildlife and ruin the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Point out examples of litter to your youngsters and discuss how it will impact the local environment. Emphasize the importance of proper waste disposal and suggest bringing along a small trash bag to collect any or some of the rubbish strewn on the ground.

The most important thing is to make sure your child’s first fishing trip is fun.
Your patience and flexibility coupled with all Lake Tahoe has to offer is bound to reap rewards more striking than the biggest fish!